MKMediation is an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) service which uses industry-leading technology to resolve contractual disputes in a fast, cost-effective, and impartial manner through mediation and/or arbitration.

Mediation is an informal process lead by a third party neutral who assists throughout contractual and settlement negotiations. By contrast, in arbitration the neutral third party delivers a decision which is final and binding on both parties. Both mediation and arbitration are collaborative mechanisms, which generally requires all parties to opt-in to the process

MKMediation tackles the inherent jurisdictional and access to justice issues across esports. Teams, players, and other parties to a contract are often situated in multiple locations across the globe. By taking advantage of MKMediation’s ODR technology, litigants are able to save on the costs, travel, and legal unfamiliarity of these cross-jurisdictional disputes. 

Our team of neutrals consists of industry experts, lawyers, and dispute resolution professionals, who are there to ensure a fair and impartial process. Through our online platform our mediators are able to foster effective communication, offer face-saving possibilities for negotiation, and suggest solutions that the parties may have overlooked.

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