The global esports and content creation industries are on par with the popularity of traditional sports in many key areas. However the infrastructure necessary to facilitate and stabilize its growth is not keeping pace. This creates the potential for regulatory mishaps, power imbalances and legal grey areas. As one of the world’s leading esports-dedicated law firms, MKM exists to provide clarity on such issues, as well as to protect and represent its clients’ business and legal interests. We understand that there is no uniformity in esports, and that every party is unique in their interests and goals.

Whether you are a corporation, esports team, athlete, organization, or endemic/non-endemic brand and want to get the most out of your esports venture, MKM is here to facilitate your growth.

Our services include:

Business & Corporate Law


IP | Copyright

Immigration | Visa Applications

Contract Drafting | Negotiation

Product and Brand Licensing

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